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Why Ultimate?

Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively new and unknown team sport that encourages personal responsibility, inclusivity and sportsmanship through Spirit of the Game (SOTG). Young people especially, learn many new skills that help them with other aspects of their lives such as teamwork, patience, time management and respect for their peers.

Ultimate is a low-cost, non-contact, co-ed sport. Anyone can play together: young and old; male and female; anyone from any background. All you need is a disc, a field and some willing players.

How does it work?

Working with Manav Sadhna

As early as 2004, athletes from Ahmedabad Ultimate (AU) and sister organization Manav Sadhna have been informally coaching underprivileged youth to play the game of Ultimate Frisbee in Ahmedabad. The first “students” were a talented group of young men (ages 21-25) who have been working with Manav Sadhna since their teenage years (in various projects involving children, disaster relief, sanitation and health). Together the AU/Manav Sadhna team has been able to share the game with children at Abhay Ghat, the Ashramshala (Gandhi Ashram residential space), and a group from Babapur. To date, the AU/Manav Sadhna coach-captains have worked selflessly and without any honorarium simply for the love of sport and the spirit of the game. We hope to increase our cadre of coach-captains and spread the spirit of the game across the city of Ahmedabad.

The wider AU community

AU currently hosts monthly youth tournaments for the established teams from all over the city. With the help of volunteers and coaches, 6-8 teams meet regularly and compete for prizes while learning new principles of teamwork, honesty and respect for one another.

The tournaments give players the chance to bond within their teams and with the wider Ultimate community in Ahmedabad, and we have found them to be vital to understanding Spirit of the Game.

In addition to the youth, we seek to engage the parents in the management and support of each community team. The project also aims to gain the support from local individuals and organizations via sponsorships or in-kind donations (space to practice, discounts on certain items, etc). By contributing their time, skills and resources, each group can engage in the Ultimate Frisbee league and create a deeper sense of community spirit.